Survival List for Litigants

Undergoing a custodial dispute can be a harrowing and debilitating experience. Unless you are vigilant in protecting your parenting time from the onset of your separation from your spouse, you can lose vital parenting time and even the right to see your child, especially if you are a father. It is therefore crucial for you to know all of your rights before you embark on a custodial dispute.

Survival List for Litigants

Dr. Weinstein is the founder of the National Association of Fathers
and the Co-Founder of the National Parents’ Rights Association

Your appearance and testimony in court was invaluable in obtaining the proper counseling for my daughters.
Dentist from Pennsylvania
The most amazing thing I have found about you Dr. Monty is your love and commitment towards the re-unification of children and their parents.
DS - Father from Colorado
It was only after hiring you, and having you by my side leading up to my trial, and at my trial, that my children and I, after 4 years, finally received justice!!!
Grace - Mom from Georgia
Your assistance in this case is most appreciated. It was wonderful to have someone known for his advocacy of father’s rights, to be an expert for a mother who was alienated from her children.
New Jersey Law Firm

My family is shocked by this egregious attack on the French people. We spent time in Paris two summers ago Viva la France!

watch out for coercive psychologists who become tools of the system They will not help you!

Do not settle your case and lose custody of your children. You can fight parental alienation

Your link to eternity are your children You must fight for them

Do not let court evaluators make you into a psychiatric victim!

Psychologists involved in waterboarding and torture according to NY Times. Georgia Bd uses same tactics on those who disagree with them.

Why is the matrimonial bar in Georgia in collusion with the Georgia board of psychology creating mediocre output?

Re Embryos San Francisco: Mmother should get embryos as she was married to father when conception occurred

It is time for Brooklyn to break out of Tammany Hall and chose its judges because of merit

Kids locked up for refusing to have lunch with dad…

Re Michigan case on CBS - this is what happens when parents are uneducated about parental alienation - mother should have been curtailed.

Both parents have accessibility to their children. Change can only come if shared parenting is recognized by the courts and legislatures

Hello This is Dr Monty Reflecting upon July 4th, I feel for all the parents who can't see their children due to an egregious system

  • Dr Monty Weinstein has compiled list of parental alienation cases where he was challenged under the Daubert – Frye theory and where he won. Please contact Vickie Taylor administrator for these cases (Vickie Taylor, Cell: (970) 371-7848, Email: vickietaylor37 @ gmail . com).
  • Consumer Alert: Rip Off Report posts salacious, defamatory comments without ever checking the truth of the statements posted. It is violating the Sherman Anti Trust Act because people pay to post their rants without giving their names and Rip Off then contacts the person against whom accusations are made and asks them to pay over $10,000 to remove the posts. They have posted a bunch of lies against me, and many of my clients have refuted the lies posted therein.
  • Dr Weinstein will be in Atlanta on a bi monthly basis to consult on parental alienation, custody, reunification and other issues concerning parental rights. Please call him at 917 589 8008 or email him to set up an appointment.
  • Please register for support groups in pre and post divorce counseling and reunification therapy.
  • Do Not Step into Courtroom on Custody Case without an Expert on Parental Alienation!
  • Dr. Weinstein is back in his Greenwich Village Office and is doing divorce psychotherapy and reunification – parental alienation therapy.
  • The expert who is not afraid to attack the coercive psychologists and law guardians who oppose joint parenting/custody and the concept of Parental Alienation!
  • Now Providing Psychotherapy for Divorce, Custody, and Abuse Related Issues and for Children who are Victims of Parental Alienation. Advocacy and Therapy on How to Navigate Through Divorce and Custody Proceedings.
  • If interested please e-mail the Family Therapy Center at Consultation at Princeton Club NYC and the East Hampton Office.
  • During this past spring Dr Monty helped return children to their natural parents – both mothers and fathers – in the States of New York , Colorado, Georgia, Florida and New Jersey despite opposition from law guardians and court evaluators.

Letter of thanks and appreciation from US Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand

Letter of thanks and appreciation from US Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand

Parental Alienation – A Reflection on Some Cases

Parental Alienation – A Reflection on Some Cases by Dr. Monty N. Weinstein

Review of Parental Alienation

Review of Parental Alienation by Dr, Monty N. Weinstein, Psy.D; MPA, FAPA, licensed Family Therapist, Nationally Certified Psychologist

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2015 has been a busy year as Dr. Monty has helped families with their cases coast to coast and experienced the following successes:


2015 Highlighted Cases

To date Dr. Monty has been the key to increasing parenting time and/or reversing custody for parents in the following cases in 2015:

  • Saleh v. Saleh, Brooklyn Supreme Court, 2014-51510 (for Mother)
  • Ippolito v. Ippolito, New Jersey, FM-14-147-13 (for Father)
  • Isabella v. Isabella, New Jersey, FM-09-2443-04C (for Father)
  • Allison v. Allison, New Jersey, FM-07-189512 (for Father)
  • Sabolchick v. Paris, New Jersey,FD-12-67-11 (for Father)
  • Ortiz v. Terrett, Georgia, 13CV239153 – (Mother did not have an attorney. Dr. Monty served as forensic consultant by Mother’s side, and with Dr. Monty’s help, custody was reversed and Mother regained primary care of her children.)
  • Nezbeda v. McKeown, Georgia, 12-10-4537-18 (for Father) (Dr. Monty came under fire and his credentials were challenged, but he prevailed over the objections of multiple case participants and other potential experts. This was a major win for the client as Dr. Monty Weinstein was successful in gaining a shared parenting schedule for Father.)
  • Bottari v. Bottari, California, new case currently in the works out of San Francisco, on behalf of Father.


Other Recent Noteworthy Cases

2014 – Broadway v. Broadway, Alabama: Dr. Monty’s testimony as an expert witness on behalf of Father was instrumental in a reversal of custody from Mother to Father as a result of findings of severe parental alienation. This matter progressed all the way to the Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama, and a decision supporting Dr. Weinstein’s findings was entered September 26, 2014, in 2121037.


Other Highlighted Cases

Tara Barnes, Plaintiff, v. John Evans, Defendant

Dr. Monty Weinstein was qualified as an expert on behalf of the Defendant and was instrumental in helping Father regain shared custody and parenting time of his child.

Melissa Kay Bader, Plaintiff, v. Timothy Newberry, Defendant

Dr. Monty Weinstein was qualified as an expert on behalf of Petitioner and after multiple meetings with Plaintiff, was instrumental in assisting Mother regain custody of her child.

Broadway v Broadway | Alabama Court of Civil Appeals

Monty Weinstein testified that he is a licensed family therapist and psychologist who has published a number of articles, conducted research on parental alienation, and appeared on national TV to talk about parental alienation as a disorder.

VARGHESE v. VARGHESE | Superior Court of New Jersey

Dr. Monty Weinstein testified as an expert in this matter on behalf of Father. Father received joint parenting time and a reduction in child support.

J.K., Plaintiff and Appellant, v. OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS et Al

Dr. Monty testified as an expert in this matter on behalf of the Plaintiff/ Appellee and was instrumental in getting disability laws changed in the State of California.


Dr. Monty Weinstein had a major win in parental alienation in this matter when he testified as an expert on behalf of Respondent Father and was instrumental in securing more parenting time for father.


Dr. Monty Weinstein testified as an expert on behalf of Ms. Welch, and was a key factor in helping her regain custody of her children.

Lisa Campbell, n/k/a Lisa Doyle v. Kurt Campbell

Dr. Monty Weinstein testified as an expert on behalf of Ms. Doyle and was instrumental in getting a change of primary custody from Father to Mother. “The Court finds Dr. Weinstein to be a very credible witness,” the Judge said.

Irene Psyhogios, f/k/a Irene Varelis, Petitioner and James Varelis

Attorney David Oles was successful in qualifying Dr. Monty Weinstein as an expert in this matter and gaining permission for him to sit at the attorney table with Mr. Oles for the duration of the hearing.

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The Family Therapy Center For New York & Georgia was founded by Dr. Monty Weinstein, a family therapist and expert witness who has devoted his career to assisting divorced parents and their children in custody disputes. He is an expert in domestic and partner abuse and a pioneer in family therapy. He has rendered testimony as an expert witness on custody, parental alienation, divorce and sex abuse throughout the United States.

Dr. Weinstein is the founder of “Fathers Rights Metro.” His philosophy is that children should have accessibility to both parents.

He is the Director of the “Family Therapy Center of New York and Georgia” and is a clinical member of the “American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.” He also has a private practice where he helps his clients cope with divorce, separation, child custody and abuse.

Half Century of Professional Experience with Families and Children. Distinguished Public Service Award from Mayor’s Office for Work with Families and Children.

Mental Health Professional of the Year Awarded by The New York Democratic Club April 2010.

Dr. Monty Weinstein is an elected, certified, clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and holds licenses in family therapy in multiple states. He has been qualified over 2,000 times throughout the United States to render an opinion in custodial disputes, parental alienation, and neglect and abuse for both men and women. He is also a certified forensic counselor and has served as director of a psychiatric unit in a major mental health facility. He has been a therapist, and has trained therapists, for over 30 years. Dr. Weinstein is the proud recipient of the Distinct Public Service Award 2004 awarded by the New York Democratic Club.

As Director of the Family Therapy Center for New York and Georgia, Dr. Weinstein believes that children should have accessibility to both parents, that shared parenting is the only way to maximize children’s growth, and that the State should not impose its values, including unwarranted psychological testing, on mothers and fathers. His Center is a pioneer in the the use of family therapy to resolve custodial disputes.

Dr. Weinstein is a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association and a Fellow of the American Orthopsychiatric Association, and has published articles in professional journals in the areas of family therapy and psychoanalysis, gender issues, and child development. He was the founder of Fathers Rights Metro. In addition, He is a professor of Family Development and Human Sexuality. Besides holding two masters and a doctorate, he has over 1000 hours of continuing education credit and certificates in psychotherapy, sexual abuse, couple therapy, and play therapy. On numerous occasions he has discussed these topics on national television. Dr. Weinstein writes a bimonthly column on terrorism and violence for ANNALS for The American Psychotherapy Association.