Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama
Decided: September 26, 2014

Monty Weinstein testified that he is a licensed family therapist and psychologist who has published a number of articles, conducted research on parental alienation, and appeared on national TV to talk about parental alienation as a disorder. He defined parental alienation as the systematic and methodical removing of a noncustodial parent from the life of that parent’s child. He believed parental alienation was a form of emotional child abuse. In his opinion, there was very severe parental alienation on the part of the mother, and, in his opinion, the only way to reverse the result was to change custody of K.B. to the father, with limited visitation given to the mother, coupled with therapy for K.B. Dr. Weinstein did not believe a change of custody would cause a disruption in K.B.’s life, and he predicted numerous adverse consequences for K.B. if custody was not changed to the father. Dr. Weinstein based his opinions in part on his meetings with the father and K.B., but he did not meet with or obtain information from the mother. – See more at: