You do not have to lose custody or parenting time with your children because of the biased and dogmatic court system!


Expert Testimony

Years of struggle and fighting a biased and prejudiced court system has given my institute insight and understanding into the systematical and methodical removal of children from the lives of the non-custodial parents. The pattern seems to be similar throughout the U.S.As Director of the Family Therapy Center for New York and Georgia, I believe that children should have accessibility to both parents, that shared parenting is only way to maximize children's growth and that the State should not impose its values, including unwarranted psychological testing, on mothers and fathers. I will testify anywhere in the United States and Overseas. I also do crisis intervention for fathers and mothers and non-custodial parents.

Because the first court hearing typically involves an award by the court of temporary custody without a due process hearing on allegations made by the moving party. If you are not prepared to counter these allegations, the temporary award of custody will evolve into the status quo and the court will award permanent custody to the same party.

You should have your own independent mental health expert who is trained in debunking pseudo – scientific evaluations that are not predicated on scientific data. Invariably, the forensic evaluations are designed to find fault with the non-custodial parent and hence undermine the parent’s ability to see his child on a regular basis.

Yes! However, you can file a motion to get the law guardian recused on the basis of prejudice and co-counseling the case with the opposing attorney.

You should retain an independent mental health expert who knows how to counteract false charges of abuse through observing the father’s interactions with his children on a regular basis and also observing the mother’s interactions with the children.

Parental alienation is the systematic and methodical removal of the non-custodial parent from the lives of his/her children by psychological means. The children are given subliminal suggestions which cause them not to see the non-custodial parent. Many times this alienation is done in conjunction with agents of the court and is designed to deprive you of your constitutional right to see your child. You can confront this problem by using a mental health expert who is able to identify parental alienation and make a record in court.