Testified for major CEOs, former astronaut, attorneys, psychologists, doctors, movie actor, District attorney, former Congresswoman, judicial administrators and other professionals.

Dr. Monty Weinstein listed as one of the two top expert witness/psychologist on Parental Alienation Syndrome & Child Abuse by
Google Answers.
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Will consult in office in
Roswell, Georgia
and is available
to testify anywhere
in the United States
and overseas.

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Dr Weinstein will be in Atlanta on a bi monthly basis to consult on parental alienation, custody, reunification and other issues concerning parental rights. Please call him at 917 589 8008 or email him to set up an appointment.
Office Locations:
Greenwich Village, NYC; Atlanta Georgia; Palm Beach Florida and East Hampton NY
Please register for support groups in pre and post divorce
counseling and reunification therapy

Do Not Step into Courtroom on Custody Case
without an Expert on Parental Alienation!

Dr. Weinstein is back in his Greenwich Village Office
and is doing divorce psychotherapy and reunification - parental alienation therapy

The expert who is not afraid to attack the coercive psychologists and law guardians who oppose joint parenting/custody and the concept of Parental Alienation!

Now Providing
Psychotherapy for Divorce, Custody, and Abuse Related Issues
and for Children who are Victims of Parental Alienation.
Advocacy and Therapy on How to Navigate Through Divorce and Custody Proceedings.

If interested please e-mail the Family Therapy Center at drmonty1@aol.com.
Consultation at Princeton Club NYC and the East Hampton Office


During this past spring Dr Monty helped return children to their natural parents - both mothers and fathers - in the States of New York , Colorado, Georgia, Florida and New Jersey despite opposition from law guardians and court evaluators.


The Family Therapy Center For New York & Georgia was founded by Dr. Monty Weinstein, a family therapist and expert witness who has devoted his career to assisting divorced parents and their children in custody disputes. He is an expert in domestic and partner abuse and a pioneer in family therapy. He has rendered testimony as an expert witness on custody, parental alienation, divorce and sex abuse throughout the United States.

Dr. Weinstein is the founder of "Fathers Rights Metro." His philosophy is that children should have accessibility to both parents.

He is the Director of the "Family Therapy Center of New York and Georgia" and is a clinical member of the "American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy." He also has a private practice where he helps his clients cope with divorce, separation, child custody and abuse.

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litigants in domestic relations and custodial disputes!

More about Dr. Weinstein

Half Century of Professional Experience with Families and Children. Distinguished Public Service Award from Mayor’s Office for Work with Families and Children.

Mental Health Professional of the Year
Awarded by The New York Democratic Club
April 2010

Fellow of
American Psychotherapy Association
since 1998

Fellow of
American Orthopsychiatric Association

Dr. Monty Weinstein is an elected, certified, clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and holds licenses in family therapy in multiple states. He has been qualified over 2,000 times throughout the United States to render an opinion in custodial disputes, parental alienation, and neglect and abuse for both men and women. He is also a certified forensic counselor and has served as director of a psychiatric unit in a major mental health facility. He has been a therapist, and has trained therapists, for over 30 years. Dr. Weinstein is the proud recipient of the Distinct Public Service Award 2004 awarded by the New York Democratic Club.

As Director of the Family Therapy Center for New York and Georgia, Dr. Weinstein believes that children should have accessibility to both parents, that shared parenting is the only way to maximize children's growth, and that the State should not impose its values, including unwarranted psychological testing, on mothers and fathers. His Center is a pioneer in the the use of family therapy to resolve custodial disputes.

Dr. Weinstein is a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association and a Fellow of the American Orthopsychiatric Association, and has published articles in professional journals in the areas of family therapy and psychoanalysis, gender issues, and child development. He was the founder of Fathers Rights Metro. In addition, He is a professor of Family Development and Human Sexuality. Besides holding two masters and a doctorate, he has over 1000 hours of continuing education credit and certificates in psychotherapy, sexual abuse, couple therapy, and play therapy. On numerous occasions he has discussed these topics on national television. Dr. Weinstein writes a bimonthly column on terrorism and violence for ANNALS for The American Psychotherapy Association.

monty weinstein
Dr. Monty in Colorado

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licensed Family Therapist, Nationally Certified Psychologist
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Highlighted Cases
A v. S
Colorado District Court
Gary v. Gary, Superior Ct., Forsyth Co., GA
Smith v. Smith, Superior Ct., Cherokee Co., GA
Stegner v. Atwood, Superior Ct., Aurora, Colorado
Varghese v. Varghese, Superior Ct., Middlesex Co. New Jersey
Seidner v. Levy. Coourt of Common Pleases, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Broadway v. Broadway, Superior Court, Florence Alabama
Sr. Judge Stone finds Dr. Monty Weinstein eminently qualified -- Barnes v. Evans CA No. 06CV262 (Forsyth County) (Hon. Hugh Stone, Ret.)
Wisconsin Case: IP f/k/a IV vs JV
Appellant v Inland Regional Center
California Court of Appeals
San Bernardino , CA
Campbell v Campbell
West Virginia
Special Postings
Letter of Appreciation from Derek Stegner
Letter of Appreciation from the Offices of David Edward Oles in the case of A v. S
Colorado District Court
Letter of Appreciation from Eminent Long Island Attorney
Reunification Victory for Parent
Comments by Dr. Monty Weinstein Regarding Family Court in the Staten Island Press, N.Y.C.
Victory by a father
Dr. Weinstein's win against Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists
Letter of thanks and appreciation from US Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand
Letter of congratulations from US Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand on Dr. Monty Weinstein being recognized for his outstanding community leadership
Thank you letter from a mother, Cinnamon White (Welch)
Thank you letter from Constance A. Banfield for a successful custody trial
Dr. Weinstein, contributing author to Parental Alienation Psychiatric Manual DSM-V
Special letter of recognition from the Law Offices of David Edward Oles
A letter from Senior Elector of APA Journal -- Annals
Comments by a Democratic Party Leader
Letter of appreciation from major New Jersey Law firm
A Special Letter of Appreciation from Thomas J. Shallow
Dr. Weinstein's comments on Dr. Rebecca Carley
Reflection by Senior Judge Philip J. Roan, Colorado, on Dr. Weinstein as one of the most credentialed behaviorist
Dr. Monty's N.Y. Times comments on Gifted and Talented Program


Click here to view Dr. Weinstein's copies of
Harvard Medical School Certificates, Publications and References


Director: Dr. Monty N. Weinstein, Psy. D, M.P.A., AAMFT Clinical Member


Alan Weinstein (top row, 4th from the left), son of Dr. Monty Weinstein,
serving proudly in the US Armed Forces - Pictured with President George W. Bush

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