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Posted Cases

Cases Under Parental Alienation

Dr. Monty has been qualified as an expert in parental alienation several times in the past six months:

  • Client: Tina Jones, Superior Court, Paulding County, GA, 16CV167, Honorable Dean Bucci presiding; Dr. Monty was qualified in the following areas: Expert in Family and Marriage Therapy, parental alienation, and the psychological aspects of child and sexual abuse. (November 4, 2016).
  • Client: Josh Harris, DeKalb County Superior Court, Georgia, Matter of Harris v. Harris, 15CV3425, Honorable Asha F. Jackson, presiding; Dr. Monty was qualified as an expert in parental alienation; Hearing was held March 22-23, 2017.
  • Client: Ken Terry, Paulding County, Superior Court, 13CV2140, Matter of Terry v. Terry, Honorable Tonny S. Beavers presiding; Dr. Monty was qualified as an expert in parental alienation, children’s development, family psychotherapy and reunification therapy. Hearing was held Feb. 17, 2017.

Additionally, Dr. Monty has been qualified in other major cases as follows:

  • Client: Derek Stegner, Weld County District Court, Colorado, 07DR23, Marriage of Stegner before the Magistrate Rebecca Koppes-Conway, in a post-decree, child custody matter. Dr. Monty was qualified as an expert in parental alienation. Hearing was in 2013.
  • Client: Cinnamon White, Interest of P.W. and R.W., minor children of Cinnamon D. Welch v. Cameron S. Welch, Adams County District Court, Colorado, 08DR2514; Dr. Monty was qualified as an expert in parental alienation and was successful in assisting Ms. Welch with regaining custody of her children. Hearing was held in 2009.
  • Client: Melissa K. Bader, Bader v. Bader, Cobb County, GA Superior Court, Matter 10-1-2600-35; Dr. Monty was qualified as an expert in family therapy and psychotherapy with an emphasis on custodial disputes, parenting time, family disputes, and Parental Alienation Syndrome. Hearing was in September, 2010.
  • Broadway v. Broadway, Alabama Matter that went to the Court of Appeals:

Broadway v. Broadway, Alabama Matter that went to the Court of Appeals:
Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama.

Decided: September 26, 2014

Monty Weinstein testified that he is a licensed family therapist and psychologist who has published a number of articles, conducted research on parental alienation, and appeared on national TV to talk about parental alienation as a disorder. He defined parental alienation as the systematic and methodical removing of a noncustodial parent from the life of that parent’s child. He believed parental alienation was a form of emotional child abuse. In his opinion, there was very severe parental alienation on the part of the mother, and, in his opinion, the only way to reverse the result was to change custody of K.B. to the father, with limited visitation given to the mother, coupled with therapy for K.B. Dr. Weinstein did not believe a change of custody would cause a disruption in K.B.’s life, and he predicted numerous adverse consequences for K.B. if custody was not changed to the father. Dr. Weinstein based his opinions in part on his meetings with the father and K.B., but he did not meet with or obtain information from the mother.

Other Cases Under Parental Alienation

  • Gary L. Jones v. Tina Serena Jones, 12CV2677 – JO, Atlanta, GA
  • Evans v. Barnes, Atlanta, GA
  • George Isabella v. Thea Isabella, Case No: FM-09-002443-04C, New Jersey
  • J.A. v. M.D.A., Newark, NJ
  • Laura Ann Bouma v. Jason Carl Bouma Sr., Case No: 13, C, 11, 087058, Howard County, MD
  • Obtained custody for parents (Charlotte, North Carolina, Flemington, New Jersey and Queens N.Y and Florida)
  • Permitted to assess parental alienation in case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Obtained parenting time for several fathers in Atlanta Georgia
  • Testified as an expert for father in New York City who subsequently prevailed in U.S. Supreme Court

Selected Cases

  • K. Gottschalk vs D. Gottschalk
  • Welch vs Welch, August 2009
  • Jaclyn P. (Anonymous), er al. Nassau County Department of Social Services, Respondent, Robert P. (Anonymous), Appellant
  • MS v. KS
  • Dina Ursommano v. Steve Ursommano
  • Cheryl L. Brown v. Steven E. Greenspan
  • Adoption of a Child by Anonymous
  • LCD vs. KC
  • Support Proceeding – JW vs. MM
  • J.K. v. Office of Administrative Hearings et al.
  • Kathryn Fields Henshaw v. Philip F. Henshaw
  • Dr. Monty Weinstein’s Letter to Justice Kaye

Past Cases (2011-2013)

  • Middlesex, New Jersey. Father wins joint custody despite opinion of court evaluator. Case involved visitation in New Jersey, Georgia and India. Dr. Weinstein opined about the importance of shared parenting.
  • Father Regains Visitation Rights in Colorado Based on Parental Alienation
  • Kerr v. Oleski, Pennsylvania
  • Barns v Evans, Georgia
  • Broadway v. Broadway, Alabama Anonymous v.
  • Anonymous, New Jersey Pederson v Pederson, Florida
  • Porter v Porter, Louisiana
  • Worth v Worth, North Carolina

Other Past Cases

  • Korby vs. Korby, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • Orozco v Orozco, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • Rogers vs. Rogers, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • McGee vs. McGee, Washington State, Seattle
  • Leopold vs. Leopold, Hall City, Georgia
  • Bader vs. Bader, Marietta, Georgia
  • Anonymous v. Anonymous (Complaint for Modification of Child Custody)
  • Family Therapist Challenged & Prevailed: Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists vs Dr. Monty Weinstein
  • Wisconsin Case: IP f/k/a IV vs JV

Additional Cases

  • Expert Witness on Matter of Vasquez v. Acevedo, Bronx Family Court V-15343/01
  • Expert witness on Matter of Dillon, Okaloosa County, Florida Index# 04-DP-1276
  • Expert Witness on Matter of Laverick v. Mayes, Pierce County, Washington State Index# 05-3-03617-5
  • Expert Witness on Matter of Evans v. Barnes, Forsyth County, Georgia, Superior Court Index# 06CV-0272
  • Expert Witness on Matter of Franzone, Index# Richmond Supreme 50262/2005
  • Expert Witness on Pedri v. Centeno, Eastern District, New York CV 05 2778 (ERK)(MDG)

Forensic Consultant – Expert

  • Daunyale Gerber v. Michael Gerber, Superior Court, Forsyth County, Georgia, CA No. 07CV1879
  • Gregory J. Eisenhauer v. Anne M. Eisenhauer, Superior Court, Fulton County, Georgia, CA No. 2006CV112861
  • Pedri v. Police Department, New York, Federal Court Eastern District.
  • Rossi v. Rossi, Writ New York State Supreme.
  • Phillips v. Phillips, Superior Court, DeKalb County, Georgia, CA No. 2006CV8522.
  • Wright v. Wright, Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Welch v. Department of Social Services, Denver, Colorado.
  • Banfield v. Banfield, New Jersey.
  • Gallo v. State of New Jersey, Bergen County, Public Defender.

Trial Consultant

  • Matter of Cahill v. Zakian, Richmond Family V-00056-59-06/06A
  • Matter of Loria, New Jersey Monmouth County, New Jersey Index# FN-13-58-06A
  • Matter of Holbert, Richmond County Family Court, Index# V-02651-2004
  • Matter of Pulleti, Richmond Supreme Index# 5468/2004
  • Matter of Kelley, New York Family Docket# NN-13183-05/06 and NN-13184-05/06
  • Hagy v. Fink, New York County, New York Supreme Index#: 350259/02
  • Tercjak v. Tercjak, Queens Family Court Docket#: V-9027-8/05-06B
  • Matter of Lagalla, Richmond Family Court Docket#: N-5523/04, B-05125/05
  • Lotito v. Gale, Richmond Family Court Docket#: V-03645-05/06B