Posted Cases

Cases Under Parental Alienation

  • Gary L. Jones v. Tina Serena Jones, 12CV2677 – JO, Atlanta, GA
  • Evans v. Barnes, Atlanta, GA
  • George Isabella v. Thea Isabella, Case No: FM-09-002443-04C, New Jersey
  • J.A. v. M.D.A., Newark, NJ
  • Laura Ann Bouma v. Jason Carl Bouma Sr., Case No: 13, C, 11, 087058, Howard County, MD
  • Obtained custody for parents (Charlotte, North Carolina, Flemington, New Jersey and Queens N.Y and Florida)
  • Permitted to assess parental alienation in case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Obtained parenting time for several fathers in Atlanta Georgia
  • Testified as an expert for father in New York City who subsequently prevailed in U.S. Supreme Court

Most Recent Cases (2011-2013)

  • Middlesex, New Jersey. Father wins joint custody despite opinion of court evaluator. Case involved visitation in New Jersey, Georgia and India. Dr. Weinstein opined about the importance of shared parenting.
  • Father Regains Visitation Rights in Colorado Based on Parental Alienation
  • Kerr v. Oleski, Pennsylvania
  • Barns v Evans, Georgia
  • Broadway v. Broadway, Alabama Anonymous v.
  • Anonymous, New Jersey Pederson v Pederson, Florida
  • Porter v Porter, Louisiana
  • Worth v Worth, North Carolina

Other Recent Cases

  • Korby vs. Korby, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • Orozco v Orozco, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • Rogers vs. Rogers, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • McGee vs. McGee, Washington State, Seattle
  • Leopold vs. Leopold, Hall City, Georgia
  • Bader vs. Bader, Marietta, Georgia
  • Anonymous v. Anonymous (Complaint for Modification of Child Custody)
  • Family Therapist Challenged & Prevailed: Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists vs Dr. Monty Weinstein
  • Wisconsin Case: IP f/k/a IV vs JV

Selected Cases

  • K. Gottschalk vs D. Gottschalk
  • Welch vs Welch, August 2009
  • Jaclyn P. (Anonymous), er al. Nassau County Department of Social Services, Respondent, Robert P. (Anonymous), Appellant
  • MS v. KS
  • Dina Ursommano v. Steve Ursommano
  • Cheryl L. Brown v. Steven E. Greenspan
  • Adoption of a Child by Anonymous
  • LCD vs. KC
  • Support Proceeding – JW vs. MM
  • J.K. v. Office of Administrative Hearings et al.
  • Kathryn Fields Henshaw v. Philip F. Henshaw
  • Dr. Monty Weinstein’s Letter to Justice Kaye

Additional Cases

  • Expert Witness on Matter of Vasquez v. Acevedo, Bronx Family Court V-15343/01
  • Expert witness on Matter of Dillon, Okaloosa County, Florida Index# 04-DP-1276
  • Expert Witness on Matter of Laverick v. Mayes, Pierce County, Washington State Index# 05-3-03617-5
  • Expert Witness on Matter of Evans v. Barnes, Forsyth County, Georgia, Superior Court Index# 06CV-0272
  • Expert Witness on Matter of Franzone, Index# Richmond Supreme 50262/2005
  • Expert Witness on Pedri v. Centeno, Eastern District, New York CV 05 2778 (ERK)(MDG)

Forensic Consultant – Expert

  • Daunyale Gerber v. Michael Gerber, Superior Court, Forsyth County, Georgia, CA No. 07CV1879
  • Gregory J. Eisenhauer v. Anne M. Eisenhauer, Superior Court, Fulton County, Georgia, CA No. 2006CV112861
  • Pedri v. Police Department, New York, Federal Court Eastern District.
  • Rossi v. Rossi, Writ New York State Supreme.
  • Phillips v. Phillips, Superior Court, DeKalb County, Georgia, CA No. 2006CV8522.
  • Wright v. Wright, Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Welch v. Department of Social Services, Denver, Colorado.
  • Banfield v. Banfield, New Jersey.
  • Gallo v. State of New Jersey, Bergen County, Public Defender.

Trial Consultant

  • Matter of Cahill v. Zakian, Richmond Family V-00056-59-06/06A
  • Matter of Loria, New Jersey Monmouth County, New Jersey Index# FN-13-58-06A
  • Matter of Holbert, Richmond County Family Court, Index# V-02651-2004
  • Matter of Pulleti, Richmond Supreme Index# 5468/2004
  • Matter of Kelley, New York Family Docket# NN-13183-05/06 and NN-13184-05/06
  • Hagy v. Fink, New York County, New York Supreme Index#: 350259/02
  • Tercjak v. Tercjak, Queens Family Court Docket#: V-9027-8/05-06B
  • Matter of Lagalla, Richmond Family Court Docket#: N-5523/04, B-05125/05
  • Lotito v. Gale, Richmond Family Court Docket#: V-03645-05/06B