Peer-reviewed Publications in the Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association:

  • Parental alienation, violence and terrorism, domestic violence and terrorism (International and National)
  • The annals are the official magazine of the American Psychotherapy Association.
  • Terrorism, Psychotherapy and the Clashing of Realities, Page 38, Spring 2007
  • Terrorism, the Psychological Dilemma, Page 50, Fall 2006
  • Terrorism and the Double Message, Page 44, August 2005
  • Terrorism and the Ongoing Phenomenon, Page 42, Spring 2004
  • Terrorism and Innocence, Page 44, Winter 2004
  • Terrorism and Dual Disasters, Page 42, Winter 2004
  • Three Years After  911, Page 45, Fall 2004
  • Terrorism and Our Children, Page 38, Spring 2003
  • Terrorism and the Double Standard, Page 50, Summer 2003
  • Terrorism and Inner Conflict, Page 43, Winter 2003
  • Terrorism, the Beginning Impact, Page 22, November 2002

Book Review for the Overview Section of Readings of the American Orthopsychiatric Association:

  • Legal and Healthcare Ethics for the Elderly
  • Older Adults’ Decision-Making and the Law
  • A Stranger in the Family: Culture, Families and Therapy
  • On Beginning an Analysis
  • Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education
  • The Embedded Self – The Psychoanalytical Guide to Family Therapy

Books with Quotes and Case Contributions on Parental Alienation by Dr. Weinstein:

  • Reviewing the following books with direction of Dr. William Bernet M.D. Professor of psychiatry Vanderbilt University School of Medicine: Parental Alienation DSM-5 and ICD-II
  • Wilfred Von Boch Galhau: Parental Alienation & Parental Alienation Syndrome Germany.
  • Lorandos & Bernet: Parental Alienation: the hand book for mental health and legal professionals.

Lifetime Achievements/ Awards:

  • 1995 – Father’s Rights Metro and the Women’s Coalition – Outstanding Contribution to Men and Women Going through Divorce, New York City
  • 2005 Distinguished Public Service Award for Outstanding Work with Families and Children, Mayor’s Office, New York City
  • 2009 – Mental Health Professional of the Year, New York City
  • 2010 – Outstanding Work for Community Service, given by US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
  • 2011 – Outstanding Contribution to the People of New York by Borough President Marty Markowitz
  • 2014 – Outstanding Contribution awarded at 75th birthday party for contribution to Families, Women and Children, a half a century of work, by the Democratic Club of New York City.

 Professional Awards (2014):

  • Life fellow of the American Ortho Psychiatric Association
  • Life fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association

 Lectures (2014):

  • Lectured on World War II and Roosevelt’s Contribution to the Jewish Question, Mount Sinai Temple, Interfaith Lecture, August 2014
  • Guest Lecturer to the Americans for Legal Reform, May 2014